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Can I use Staffinder on a Macintosh?
Mac users must use Staffinder Web, which runs in a browse. Staffinder Client only runs on Windows PC's.

Can I use Staffinder in other countries?
Staffinder is currently being used by many international companies and we have made every effort to accommodate each region and their requirements. If you find a problem please email our tech support staff and we will make every effort to fix the problem and get you running smoothly.

Do I need a network and server to run Staffinder?
No, Staffinder can be run in stand-alone mode by installing the server and workstation software on the same Windows-based computer. If you have one person tracking people's locations, this installation type would work in that case.

What type of networks will Staffinder run on?
Staffinder runs on Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or any network where the workstation can connect to the server and see the files there. It can even be a peer-to-peer Windows 9x workgroup based network. If you intend to use the Status Scheduler you will need to have a Windows based server to run the scheduler component.

How is Staffinder installed on a network?
If you want to use Staffinder in a networked environment, the installation is performed in two parts: the server installation and the workstation installation. The server installation installs all the necessary files required on the server as well as the workstation installation install point. To install Staffinder on workstations, run the wssetup.exe from the server on each workstation after the server installation is completed.

Are there any security features in Staffinder?
Yes. To start, each user has his or her own password attached to their account in the database. This prevents people from logging in as another person. Next, each user controls a set of security options that can restrict other people from changing their status either on purpose or accidentally. Staffinder administrators can impose a particular security configuration for all users with one mouse click. Administrators can also prevent users from changing their security settings if so desired.

Does Staffinder track time?
No, Staffinder is not a Timecard. The only time/date based functions in Staffinder are the "Last Entry" and the return time calculations when you go to lunch or on a break. This is a very difficult task to do because of the custom status options ability. If you are running the enterprise edition and have the "Log History" feature enabled then you can manually examine the status history and determine time worked by the time differences in the activity.

Does Staffinder track activity?
Yes, if this features is turned on. Staffinder can generate reports based on dates, departments and users that show the In Out activity for the selected time period and people.

How do I configure Staffinder?
Built into the Staffinder workstation program are the "Company Setup" screens, which are protected by an administrative password. These screen provide access to the In/Out board configuration, company name, departments and employee information (name, phone numbers, manager name, etc).

I just Configured Staffinder and am trying to log in, what is my password?
The default password for each new user is their first name. It is case sensitive so be sure to enter it correctly. The reset password function in the setup will reset it back to their first name again. Users have the ability to change their passwords when ever they want.

Is there any Help built into Staffinder?
Nope, all the help is located here on the pages of this web site. You can access all the help from the Staffinder interface by clicking Help > Staffinder on the Web and then selecting the document you want to see. We have a couple reasons for this. First, we have found that most people don't like or use the help systems built into applications. Second, we wanted to make this program as small as possible. We hope this program is easy to learn and use without built-in help, so we didn't want to install extra baggage on all your workstations. Third, we try to keep our web site up to date with the latest troubleshooting tips and answers to common questions. With this in mind, you will always have access to the most current product information and technical documents.

How can I make Staffinder start automatically when I start my computer?
As of version 2.3 we added this to the installation program when you install the client. If you didn't do it during the Installation, you can copy the Staffinder icon to the Start Menu manually. This is a fairly common procedure, but if you are new to this procedure, ask your system administrator or send us an email for help.

Will Staffinder run on a Terminal Server or Citrix?
Staffinder will run perfectly on Terminal server or Citrix. You must change the mode to "Install" before you run the client setup. This will ensure that all the logins will have access to the program.

I have several laptops on my network. How do I prevent Staffinder from loading when they are not connected to the network?
You will need to change all of the shortcuts on each of your laptops. Right click on the icon for staffinder in the startup folder and the program folder. select Properties and change the path that appears in the "Target" box (XP). It should have something like this... "C:\Program Files\StaffinderSE\sfse.exe" You will need to add the switch "/noprompt" to the end of this path so it appears like this... "C:\Program Files\StaffinderSE\sfse.exe /noprompt". Make sure there is a space between the "sfse.exe" and the "/noprompt". If you are running the Enterprise Edition your path will contain sfee.exe and not sfse.exe. This feature is available in version 3.0.7 and newer. If you are not running the latest version run the Active Update feature from the tools menu or contact support for help.