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Staffinder Client Edition
version 5.1

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Staffinder Client
Staffinder Client
Here you can download previous versions of staffinder in the event you have lost your installation files
(Your liscense key is required)
Staffinder Web Edition
version 3.0

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Web Edition
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- Welcome to the new Staffinder website. We have slimmed it down and streamlined the experience for you. Hope you like it.

- Now, you can ask questions directly on our support pages. Go ahead, come up with a question and fire it at us.
Staffinder is available as a 5 user demo so you may evaluate the program prior to purchasing it. This demo is a completely working version and is only limited by the number of users you can add.  You are free to evaluate this program for a period of 30 days. If you like Staffinder and decide to purchase it, your demo can be unlocked. Unlocking the demo will allow you to add your remaining employees without losing your existing configuration. This is not free software. If after 30 days you decide to continue to use Staffinder you are required to purchase the software even if you have 5 or less employees.
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